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How Do I Know If My Tooth Pain Is Serious? October 29, 2021 Tooth pain is a common complaint coming from prospective patients of ours—it’s not only a pesky pain to have, but it can lead to significant damage if not treated within a reasonable amount of time. Plus, tooth pain can originate in a […]

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Dr. Rashti In The News

TOO MANY KIDS… Read More 40 DENTISTS SHARE THE BEST QUALITIES OF DENTAL ASSISTANTS Read More COVID CAVITIES  Periodontist Dr. Mahnaz Rashti joins Local News Live to help you avoid, or maybe get rid of your ‘COVID cavities.’ Read More MY CROOKED TEETH ARE AFFECTING MY SPEECH: 4 SOLUTIONS—DR. RASHTI WEBMD FEATURE Crooked teeth may

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Advanced Technology

WE USE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY At MR Dental Aesthetics, we prioritize patient care. We focus on the specific needs of the individual and guide them through every step of the process leading to a beautiful and healthy smile.  We believe in understanding and using the latest technology and techniques in dentistry. Our new technology provides

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What Is A Periodontist?

WHAT IS A PERIODONTIST? Unlike your regular dentist, a periodontist is a medical doctor trained in advanced cases, such as reconstructive dental work, dental implants, full mouth treatment and more. Just like an iceberg, dentists typically treat surface-level issues, also known as the 10% that you don’t see. Periodontists typically treat 100% of the patients’

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