Month: October 2021

How Do I Know If My Tooth Pain Is Serious?

Tooth pain is a common complaint coming from prospective patients of ours—it’s not only a pesky pain to have, but it can lead to significant damage if not treated within a reasonable amount of time. Plus, tooth pain can originate in a phantom way, meaning most tooth pain isn’t present before things really hurt. Unfortunately, that’s the beauty of oral health. We’ve comprised ways to tell if your tooth pain is of serious concern below…

4 Easy Steps To Ensure No Cavities In 2022

More often than not, we get patients in who have been enduring such a rough schedule, that they find themselves admitting they neglect their dental health on a daily basis. First off, it’s normal for this to occur, especially in patients with hectic lives, jobs, kids and responsibilities that take away from self care.

Why You Should Treat Your TMJ Immediately

Your temporomandibular joint is known as a massive joint that connects your head to your lower jaw. Though flexible, it can “lock up”, causing sharp pain or excessive grinding that is utterly painful to the patient, and often able to stop someone in their tracks to solely focus on the lingering pain.

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