Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction is a process of restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. This can be done for a number of reasons, including extensive tooth decay, tooth damage, or gum disease. A full mouth reconstruction is a major undertaking, and it is important to work with an experienced professional who can create a treatment plan that is right for you. To learn more about a full mouth reconstruction at MR Dental Aesthetic, read below!


A full mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of the issues affecting the health and function of your teeth. It is often necessary when there is extensive damage to the teeth and gums, or when there are complex problems that require a multi-disciplinary approach. A full mouth reconstruction can improve the health, function, and aesthetics of your smile. Ultimately, it can be a significant investment in your oral health, and it can make a substantial impact on your quality of life both physically and emotionally.

While there are many places in Beverly Hills, CA where you can get a full mouth reconstruction, no one else has our philosophy, our process, or our level of experience—and believe us, those factors make all the difference.

What to Expect at MR Dental

At MR Dental Aesthetics, we understand the concerns you have about your smile. We’re the source for full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills patients choose for a highly personalized, one-on-one experience. 

Dr. Rashti will take the time to get to know you before creating a treatment plan. During your consultation, you’ll be the only one in the office, having the full attention of Dr. Rashti throughout your appointments.

Planning your custom full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills will require careful evaluation of your goals, concerns, and current oral health. Dr. Rashti takes an approach that goes beyond cosmetic dentistry to focus on health and function first. Your treatment will ensure the best in all of these areas, resulting in a beautiful smile that is made to last.

No matter your concerns, you’ll be treated with compassion and patience. Dr. Rashti and the team at MR Dental Aesthetic understand the challenges that dental restorations can pose, but their approach is deeply rooted in treating everyone with dignity and kindness. We provide a warm and welcoming office with accommodations for any of your unique needs.


The first step in full mouth reconstruction is to develop a treatment plan. This will take place during your consultation and involve assessing the condition of your teeth and gums to determine what type of work needs to be done. Your treatment plan will also take into account any unique goals or preferences you may have regarding the appearance of your smile.

As part of full mouth reconstruction, we will work to correct any underlying dental problems and then rebuild your smile using a variety of different procedures. This may include dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges. The end result is a smile that looks, feels, and functions as though it came naturally!


A full mouth reconstruction is capable of improving both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. The treatment is often recommended for those who have suffered extensive damage to their smiles, which can not be repaired by any one particular procedure. By undergoing a full mouth reconstruction, a variety of treatments can be combined into a single service capable of revolutionizing your health and aesthetics.

Overall, the goal of full mouth reconstruction is to restore your smile to its full potential; while this process can look different for every patient, the results are all the same—truly transformative.

Comprehensive Dental Health

Thanks to her comprehensive approach to dental health, Dr. Rashti is known for full mouth reconstruction Los Angeles patients can truly rely on. Oral health is more vital than looking good and feeling confident. It’s related to many systemic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. When you schedule your consultation, Dr. Rashti will evaluate every aspect of form and function to plan a full mouth reconstruction that addresses all oral health criteria.

Renewed Confidence

Living with missing teeth and other serious dental issues can leave you without the confidence to share your smile with the world. A full mouth reconstruction can address all kinds of smile defects to give you the confidence you need to face any social situation fearlessly.

Correcting Existing Dental Problems

Many people live with dental problems for years without realizing the benefits of having them resolved. A full mouth reconstruction involves a holistic approach to tackle a full range of dental problems. Alignment, wear, missing teeth, cracks, chips, jaw issues, and more can all be treated effectively.

Preventing Future Problems

When Dr. Rashti plans your full mouth reconstruction, she also focuses on the long-term impact. Options such as dental implants, TMJ treatment, periodontal therapy, and more can provide a lasting foundation for good oral health that will help you enjoy your beautiful smile for years to come.

Long-Lasting Results

Full mouth reconstruction includes many options and services that will provide worry-free smiles for years and decades to come. Dental implants, crowns, bridges, and other restorations are long-term solutions for your smile that will stand the test of time.

A Natural Smile

Dental restoration Los Angeles patients choose to revitalize their smiles with MR Dental Aesthetic because we deliver incredibly natural results. Whether you require basic treatments like teeth whitening and bonding, porcelain veneers, or advanced dental implants, every treatment is carefully customized to suit your smile perfectly.

Improved Function

Of course, there’s more to your smile than just looks. Dr. Rashti will carefully plan your full mouth reconstruction to address function as well. The best solution will allow natural eating and speaking, letting you enjoy your life without restrictions and instilling the confidence you need.

Why You Should Choose Us

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is a highly skilled periodontist who has helped many patients achieve their perfect smiles. She does this by demonstrating a unique skill that many other dental professionals do not possess: the ability to see the “big picture.” Dr. Rashti does not just focus on the smile, but on the patient behind the smile. Through this approach, she turns her profession into art and her passion into purpose. By connecting with every patient to truly understand their needs and desires, she infuses her work with emotion, dedication, and enthusiasm—leading to treatment plans that not only improve the function of the smile, but also achieve an aesthetic result that is truly stunning.

Dr. Rashti understands the complex nature of full mouth reconstruction and will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. She takes a comprehensive approach to dental care—one that leads to clinical precision and beauty. Overall, your result will be a smile that is not just visually appealing, but also healthy and functional.


The full mouth rehabilitation Los Angeles residents seek to restore their smiles can apply to a wide range of scenarios. No matter what your specific concern is — missing teeth, chips, cracks, discoloration, or something else — it’s worth scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rashti to learn more.

Full mouth restoration addresses an extensive range of oral health issues. Gum disease, tooth decay, misalignment, missing teeth, bite problems, and more are all situations that may call for full mouth reconstruction.

The first step is your consultation with Dr. Rashti. She will provide you with more details about your unique treatment plan, which varies from patient to patient. You and Dr. Rashti will discuss your goals, concerns, oral health, and other related topics to determine that treatment plan.

The duration of full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills patients go through can vary widely depending on the specific treatments. Dental implants can require months from start to finish, while simpler solutions such as porcelain veneers require just a few quick visits.

Recovery for full mouth reconstruction also depends on your specific treatment plan. In general, most treatments have minimal downtime. While options such as dental implants take a lot of time, only a few days are required for recovery before you’re essentially back to your regular routine.

Planning a full mouth reconstruction can help reduce the overall number of visits and treatments required by taking a holistic approach from the start. However, depending on your unique treatment plan, you may require multiple visits over a period of time to achieve your smile goals.

After a full mouth reconstruction, Beverly Hills patients receive clear aftercare instructions from Dr. Rashti. This includes topics such as diet, oral hygiene, medication, and specific areas to avoid. We provide the guidance you need for a smooth recovery and long-term results.

While many common treatments, such as dental implants, require surgery, not every full mouth reconstruction includes those options. Depending on your needs, you might only require basic dental procedures under local anesthetic.

Dr. Rashti draws on a comprehensive range of potential treatment options when planning your full mouth reconstruction. Dental implants, crowns, bridges, gum therapy, TMJ treatment, veneers, and more are all viable options to tailor your custom plan.

Yes, a full mouth reconstruction can help address a wide range of issues related to TMJ and jaw function. You may be able to find effective relief and protect yourself against long-term oral health issues with effective TMJ therapy and other treatments.

Certain medical conditions can influence which treatment options are right for you. Dr. Rashti takes an approach that puts health first, so she will carefully evaluate which treatments will provide the best outcomes for your unique needs. Conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and more can restrict your options.

Depending on your specific treatment and unique needs, various sedation dentistry options are available. Some treatments only require local anesthetic to provide comfort, while other cases might call for nitrous oxide or IV sedation. Dr. Rashti will thoroughly discuss your sedation options with you when planning your treatment.

You can make your new smile last by following a few simple rules. First, make sure to keep up with routine oral hygiene and regular dentist visits. If you’ve had restorations such as veneers or crowns placed, avoid biting fingernails, opening packaging with your teeth, and other activities that can damage them.

Before full mouth reconstruction, Beverly Hills patients are often concerned about the potential impact on their speech. When you have dental implants or other major restorations, you may notice a change in your speech as you adjust. However, if you have missing teeth, these restorations can improve your speech considerably.

When planning your full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Rashti makes use of a variety of modern technologies. This includes digital scanners for 3D impressions, avoiding the need for unpleasant physical impressions. The latest cone beam CT imaging provides incredibly detailed scans for diagnosis and planning.

Certain treatments involve the use of modern dental lasers to help improve accuracy, reduce recovery time, and ensure comfort. These lasers are used in soft and hard tissue applications, helping precisely modify gums and teeth in various procedures.

Certain dental restorations involve the use of on-site 3D printing technology. This provides much faster results than relying on off-site dental labs while still delivering a customized restoration with incredible accuracy and precision.

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