Patient Stories

When Angel was only 13 years old, she suffered a devastating fall from a three-story building—landing on hard concrete. At the time, she had been planning to surprise her mom by cleaning her room. Angel slipped, fell from the window, and received numerous life-threatening injuries. After being told her chances of survival were slim, Angel’s mother didn’t give up—insisting her ‘little angel’ would recover. 

Miraculously, Angel survived, although her front teeth were shattered beyond repair. “I had dentures, but they looked nothing like my teeth. They were too big for my mouth,” Angel stated.

This led to years of difficulty as she experienced bullying, rejection, and depression. “They were telling me it was my fault and I should have just died,” Angel reported.

From this, her condition spiraled downward, leading to self-harm and an eating disorder—until meeting Dr. Mahnaz Rashti. At MR Dental Aesthetics, Angel regained her confidence and left the office transformed. No longer letting the burden of a damaged smile weigh her down, Angel has put the past behind her and finally has a smile she loves.

Finding the balance between the demands of work, family, and oral hygiene can be difficult to navigate for anyone—especially a busy CEO. This hardworking gentleman learned the consequences of neglecting oral health when his teeth began to deteriorate over years of poor dental care. Unfortunately, once he finally realized he needed help, he became fearful of the restoration process.

Thanks to the kind-hearted, gentle approach of Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, the man was able to overcome his dental phobia and undergo treatment. Today, he is grinning from ear to ear with the confidence to take on whatever comes his way!

For years, this patient has been grinding her teeth; while grinding is often the result of stress, her family history suggests she may have been genetically predisposed to the condition. Teeth grinding is a fairly common problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Patients rarely realize how damaging its effects can be, but left untreated, the condition can cause gum tissue recession, tooth fractures, and tooth loss. 

It’s likely that the patient didn’t even recognize the damage being done until teeth had noticeably lost shape, became loose, and eventually fell out.

After performing a full mouth reconstruction and suggesting an occlusal guard for the patient, she now enjoys the beauty of her smile while protecting it from future damage.

For years, this patient suffered from severe gum disease without even knowing it, as she did not experience any symptoms, pain, or indications of the condition. While the disease could have been detected years earlier during a dental appointment, she suffered as well from dental phobia. In the absence of a dentist, the patient sustained severe damage to her gums and teeth. 

Upon finding MR Dental Aesthetics, the patient has taken great strides toward alleviating her anxiety. As a result of our compassionate approach to service, the patient has since gained confidence, trust, better health, and a better smile from our care.

This gentleman came to MR Dental Aesthetics feeling hopeless. His condition entailed lost teeth, gum disease, and a growing struggle to perform in his role as a preacher. In fact, he was quickly losing his ability to speak or eat—let alone smile. The cause of this was not his own action, but rather poor information provided by his previous dentist; he was led to believe tooth loss was a natural part of aging.

Fortunately, the gentleman had undergone a full transformation at our practice. We treated the gum disease, placed multiple implants, and restored the implants with fixed bridges. Finally able to do what he loves again, the patient is much happier and healthier.

This patient wore braces for years with the intention of achieving a beautiful, straight, and healthy smile following treatment. Unfortunately, when his orthodontist removed the brackets, they made the mistake of cutting into his teeth—leaving him instead with a lingering feeling of apprehension, reluctance, and insecurity about his smile.

After visiting MR Dental Aesthetics, his smile hasn’t stopped! Dr. Mahnaz Rashti was able to correct the issue, in turn fully transforming the patient’s life. Today, he is thriving both personally and professionally, greeting everyone he meets with a bright, confident smile.

Seeing his daughter’s embarrassment over his teeth, this dad felt compelled to finally take action—not just for his child, but also for himself. With the right motivation to make a big change, this patient arrived at MR Dental Aesthetics with a vision of a more attractive and much healthier smile.

As a result of the work we performed, the father-daughter duo has become near inseparable. When it comes time for pickup from school, parent-teacher conferences, and hosting outings with friends, dad always wears a smile.

This gentleman invested in a smile makeover, but the results were disappointing; in fact, the work performed did more harm than good. With regrets of the time spent and money lost, he knew he had to find a professional to handle the issue; that’s when he called MR Dental Aesthetics.

Upon meeting with Dr. Mahnaz Rashti, he experienced the exact results that he had hoped for—accompanied by attentive service and gentle consideration.

No matter how busy you get, self-care should always hold priority. The woman shown here became busy caring for her three children and rarely had time for personal care and visiting the dentist. As a result, the health and appearance of her teeth began to decline.

Fortunately, as soon as her kids were old enough to move out, she gave our office a call. Thanks to the work we performed on her smile, she is now able to enjoy her smile and live a life she loves!

Many patients fail to realize how detrimental gum disease can be to your smile. The gentleman here lived with the condition for years—causing damage to his teeth and gums and even leading his jaw to shift out of place.

When he called our office for help, we got to work immediately and established a plan to restore his health and improve his smile. We installed a full upper arch of dental implants and saved the bottom teeth from extraction. Equipped with knowledge to manage his gum disease, he left our office with a beautiful smile and renewed confidence in his ability to maintain his oral health.

Domestic violence can be devastating for the victim, but the scars left behind make healing even more difficult. In this case, the woman’s abuser left her with missing teeth.

“Every time I look at my smile in the mirror, it brings me back.”

Eventually, she took the steps necessary to continue her recovery by calling our office. Our team was able to replace the missing teeth and restore the beautiful, complete smile she deserves. Today, she lives a happy and healthy life—free from the past and able to smile with confidence.

This patient sustained a life-changing injury when she fell at work, breaking her back, neck, and several teeth in the process. In their efforts to prevent paralysis, doctors placed her on multiple medications that caused extreme dry mouth. While her body recovered, she was left with large cavities and the loss of her teeth.

Once she arrived at our office, we decided to perform a full mouth reconstruction with dental implants. As a result of her new smile, she no longer carries the impact of her injury, allowing her to once again smile freely.

While serving our country, this young man sustained an injury that caused damage to one of his teeth. Upon turning to VA for help, he was disregarded and denied service to restore his smile. The veteran was left feeling embarrassed of showing his teeth and unable to smile as a result—that is… until he met us.

Our team had the privilege of working with one of our nation’s heroes to bring his smile back to life. After fixing the fractures and assuring his satisfaction with the results, he left our office with newfound confidence.

While dental implants have an exceptional success rate, the results of the procedure are only as good as the effort put forth to take care of them. The patient featured here had multiple implants placed, but never followed proper protocols to ensure their longevity. Over time, the lack of care eventually led to the loss of all of her implants.

When she came to our office, our team presented resources and information to help her better understand how to take care of her implants. After restoring her smile once again, we all feel much more confident in her new smile. With beautiful, full-functioning teeth, she’s once again able to show the world her beautiful smile.

After suffering a fall that resulted in the loss of a tooth, this patient visited our office eager to restore her smile. While she was initially anxious regarding the appearance of the restoration, we worked with her to design a prosthetic that looked and felt natural. We ultimately decided on a dental implant topped with a dental crown—one which matched the shade, shape, and size of her surrounding teeth. This patient is now able to smile with confidence, knowing that her restoration blends naturally.

Being a single mother is certainly a full-time job, and it often leaves little time for self-care. In this patient’s case, her busy lifestyle led her to lack proper dental care. When she finally made time to prioritize her health, she came to our office for help. 

Our team at MR Dental Aesthetics quickly sprung into action by creating a plan to restore the health, function, and appearance of her smile. While she was initially anxious about treatment, she soon found that our team is gentle, compassionate, and able to share education and resources that ensure maintenance for the future. She now has a beautiful, healthy smile that she can be proud of!

The woman shown here spent many years feeling completely hopeless. Following a work injury, she spiraled down a path of addiction to painkillers. In her lowest moments, she began to ponder where her life was going and how she could make a change. After much thought and reflection, she enrolled in a six-month detox program to help her kick the addiction. When she completed the program, she felt like a new person, but wanted her smile to match how she felt on the inside.

She visited our office to share her story and receive a smile that would help her face the world. We decided to perform a full mouth reconstruction. We were honored to be able to give her the smile she deserved, and we know that it has given her the extra boost of confidence she needed to stay on the path to success and inspire others.

The patient shown here was involved in a life-threatening motorcycle accident. Recovery required countless surgeries, skin grafting, and medications; even then, both of her jaws were broken, and she lost all of her teeth. Dental implants were her best option for regaining both form and function, but because of the extensive nature of her previous injuries, the process was complicated. 

Thankfully, she came to see Dr. Mahnaz Rashti for help. With a plan in place, implants were placed, and the patient was able to see her smile again for the first time in years. After an emotional reveal, the patient began to discover the abilities that dental implants had given back to her. Finally able to enjoy life again, the patient endured a full transformation, both inside and out.

Dental phobia is a very real fear—one that plagued this patient to the point of suffering severe gum disease, but still refusing help. Fortunately, her friend was a current patient of the practice and encouraged her to give us a chance.

It was clear from our first meeting that this patient was very anxious about having dental work done. We took extra care to ensure she felt comfortable and relaxed in our office, and were happy to earn her trust to the point of moving toward treatment. We first addressed her gum disease, which had caused extensive damage to her gums and teeth. Upon extraction of her teeth, we were able to provide a brand-new smile while also addressing her fears. Not only did she gain better health and a beautiful smile, but the ability to face her fears head-on.

The beauty of the smile can have a great impact on the perception of others. This can be a proven asset in both personal and professional situations. For the successful businesswoman featured here, she knew that in order to project the image she wanted in her profession, she needed to have a smile that conveyed confidence and success. 

Upon visiting our office, we completed a smile makeover to ensure her new smile would be the one she had always dreamed of.

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