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Consistently Rated As The Top Beverly Hills Dentist For Providing Superior Dental Care For Residence of Beverly Hills. A Full-Service Cosmetic Dentistry Studio Specializing In Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants.

The Best Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills

Patients leave five-star reviews as the best dentist in Beverly Hills. Once patients visit our dental office they often are so relieved that our dentist understands their needs and provides painless treatments that provide the best dental results.

Complete Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Beverly Hills

Providing dental care for Beverly Hills residences since 2005. Complete dental care for the entire family, click here to contact us for Free Consultation. 

Beverly Hills Smile Makeover Specialists

Complete smile makeovers are often performed at our Beverly Hills dental office, as a result, we have most experience of any Beverly Hills Dentist.

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Read Our 5 Star Reviews, Read more about our excellence in dental care. Patients seeking the best dentist discover Dr. Rashti and her staff are often referred by friends.

Award-Winning Dentist Dr. Rashti is the premier Premier Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist.

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Using the latest cosmetic dental technology, she provides excellence in cosmetic dental work. When you are considering cosmetic dental procedures such as dental implants or veneers, you need to know that you’re in good hands.

The cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills, Dr. Rashti, uses only superior materials and state of the art dental equipment, the results are years off of your appearance that is possibly due to yellowing, cracked or even missing teeth.

The most trusted Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, Contact Us Today to Find Out Why.

Dr. Rashti uses only superior materials and state of the art dental equipment, the results are years off of your appearance that is possibly due to yellowing, cracked or even missing teeth.

Evaluating Our Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Qualifications

Review Dr. Rashti’s bio page as this will provide you with information you’d need to learn about her background such as how many years of experience and any advanced dental technical expertise.

As Seen On TV, Best Dentist In Beverly Hills

Dr. Rashti has been Seen On TV For Excellence in Beverly Hills Dentistry

Awarded as the Best Dentist in Beverly Hills by the residence of Beverly Hills. Dr. Rashti has been discussed and reviewed by tv news and other news outlets.

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Schedule your FREE cosmetic dentistry visit today and find out why Dr. Rashti is the most respected dentist in Beverly Hills.

Best Beverly Hills Dentist Seen On TV
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Receives Best Beverly Hills Dentist award in abc 7 news

Dr. Rashti, specializing in dental implant and cosmetic dentistry office offers a comprehensive array of treatment options.

Award Winning Dental Implants Beverly Hills

Award-Winning Dental Implants Beverly Hills Will Give Your Smile a Complete Makeover With Our Painless Technology

Award-Winning Dental Implants Dentist located in Beverly Hills Ca. Voted the best dental implant dentist in the USA. Featured in “For those who are suffering from periodontal disease and tooth loss and decay, Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is the premier dental implant dentist in Beverly Hills Ca.

Receiving Dental Implants is Considered a Medical Procedure. A Complete Dental Exam Will Be Completed With Your Implant Doctor.

You will receive a free consultation to have your medical history evaluated. This allows our Beverly Hills dental implants expert, Dr. Rashti of Beverly Hills, to develop a specific individualized treatment that fits the expectations of each patient.

Certified Dental Implant Dentist of Beverly Hills

Dr. Mahnaz Rashti has been leading the way in dentistry for over 20 years, earning herself awards and publicity from her peers and celebrities alike. Give us a call to find out why Dr. Rashti has the best dental practice in Beverly Hills.

Improving Lives Thru Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Rashti and her team of dental professionals will deliver the most relaxing and enjoyable dental experience possible, your smile shows it.

Voted best Beverly Hills dentist
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The Confident Choice in Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills.

Visit the ADA website at Read more about expert dental care and find out why so many choose Dr. Rashti of Beverly Hills as The Best Dentist In Berverly Hills.

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Your Smile Is Your Most Important First Impression

Your smile tells a lot about you, treat your smile with the best dental care possible. The residence of Beverly Hills trusts one dentist over everyone else, Dr. Rashti, the top-rated cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills.

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Choosing Right The Beverly Hills Dentist

Just like any other medical procedure, you should spend time getting to know your new dentist because you want a dental relationship to last for years and years.

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Schedule consultation time with the dentist to meet with the dentist and staff before making an appointment.

  • Will the dentist explain ways to help you prevent dental health problems? Is dental health instruction provided?
  • How does the dentist and office staff handle emergencies outside of office hours?
  • Is the office staff familiar with your benefit plan, and do they offer financing options for treatment costs?
  • Will your medical and dental history be recorded and placed in a permanent file?

Start with the basics regular visits are key to a healthy smile, so start with the details that work best with your lifestyle and dental care needs. Some things to consider include:

  • Is the office easy to get to from your home or job?
  • Do they have convenient office hours?
  • If you have dental benefits, is this dentist in your network?
  • Doctor-patient communication is very important. Do you need translation or interpreter services?

Is the dentist a member of the ADA?

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