Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. Second, only to teeth whitening, veneers are highly acclaimed for their dramatic capabilities and can be applied in just two visits. Porcelain veneers can achieve a subtle change or give you a complete Hollywood smile in no time at all! 

Here you can find out if this is the perfect smile solution for you or if another treatment would be more suitable. Our Beverly Hills, CA team can’t wait to make you smile; call today to schedule your visit!

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a type of dental prosthesis that is used to improve the appearance of the teeth. They are made from a thin layer of porcelain that is bonded to the front of the tooth—used to conceal a variety of dental problems; this includes chipped, stained, and misshapen teeth. Also, they can be used by patients who wish to modify the size or shape of their natural teeth in order to transform the overall appearance of their smile.

The Process

The process of getting porcelain veneers at our Los Angeles practice usually takes two visits to our office. During the first visit, we will prepare your teeth for the veneers by removing a thin layer of enamel. Then, they will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental laboratory, where the veneers will be made.

During your second visit, we will place the veneers onto your teeth, ensuring they are aligned correctly. We will also instruct you on the proper maintenance and care of your veneers to ensure their longevity.

Why You Should Get Porcelain Veneers

There are many benefits of porcelain veneers. 

  • For starters, veneers are natural looking and offer a minimally invasive method of achieving exceptional improvements in your smile.
  • They are also very strong and durable—capable of lasting for many years with proper care. 
  • Another benefit is that they are stain resistant; unlike the porous surfaces of your natural teeth, veneers do not absorb stains or pigment compounds, so you can enjoy your favorite foods and beverages without worry of discoloration. 
  • Those who suffer from severe tooth sensitivity may also benefit from having veneers, since the porcelain covers the surface of the tooth—thus making your teeth less susceptible to sensitivity. 
  • Lastly, because veneers are placed directly onto the front of your teeth, they also conceal any gaps between your teeth, as well as correct any irregularities in your smile. 

What to Expect at MR Dental Aesthetics

When you schedule a consultation at MR Dental Aesthetics, you are taking the first step towards transforming your smile with the best veneers in Los Angeles. Your initial appointment is centered around understanding your specific needs. It will provide comprehensive insight into your cosmetic dentistry options. Dr. Rashti meticulously considers your goals, current oral health, and the most suitable treatment options to craft a personalized plan just for you.

Our approach prioritizes an exceptional patient experience, focusing on health and satisfaction throughout your journey to get veneers. Dr. Rashti’s commitment extends beyond just achieving beautiful results; she takes extra care to accommodate patients with dental phobias or concerns, ensuring a comfortable and reassuring experience. At MR Dental Aesthetics, you’re not just getting a new smile; you’re embraced with compassionate care tailored to your pace and comfort.

So, if you’re living in Los Angeles and veneers are on your mind, trust MR Dental Aesthetics to achieve the smile you’ve always desired.


If you’re living in Beverly Hills, veneers can be the perfect solution to enhance your smile. You’d be amazed by just how realistic your new dental veneers will look. High-quality porcelain veneers Beverly Hills patients use to restore their smiles are incredibly natural-looking. Porcelain has a unique translucency that mimics natural enamel, offering the best possible match. Modern veneer technology provides flawless smiles for nearly any case.

With diligent care, dental veneers can last 10 to 15 years. Porcelain, known for its durability, effectively withstands the demands of daily biting and chewing. Provided there are no ongoing issues like tooth grinding, or unless you encounter dental trauma, your porcelain veneers should maintain their integrity and appearance for many years

If you live in Beverly Hills and veneers are on your radar, you may be wondering whether you’re a good candidate for them. When you visit Dr. Rashti, she will evaluate various criteria to ensure that veneers are the right choice for your needs. Your current oral health, specific goals and concerns, and other available treatment options all play a part in determining the best course of action. You will receive the one-on-one attention necessary to find the optimal treatment plan to restore your smile.

The first step to getting dental veneers in Los Angeles is a thorough consultation with Dr. Rashti. If veneers are the right choice based on your goals and oral health, you can proceed with treatment. Veneers are a simple procedure with no specific preparation requirements.

You might have heard of composite veneers as an alternative to porcelain, but these are veneers Beverly Hills patients are typically less than impressed with. The process uses composite resin, much like dental bonding. While that may work for a minor crack or chip, it’s no good for the entire tooth surface. They simply can’t deliver the same natural beauty as porcelain veneers.

Veneers provide a solution to many cosmetic problems. The dental veneers Beverly Hills patients choose through MR Dental Aesthetics can deal with cracks, chips, discoloration, gaps, misshapen teeth, and more. However, they aren’t suitable for structural restoration, where a crown or other options would be a better option.

Your oral hygiene routine will be effectively unchanged. You can brush and floss as usual, but avoid abrasive toothpaste and stick with a soft-bristled brush. Make sure to brush the specific teeth that have veneers, as they are still susceptible to tooth decay.

If you’re in Beverly Hills and veneers are a cosmetic procedure you’re considering, pricing is likely a step in your decision-making process. The cost of your veneers will vary depending on the specifics of your case. First, the price will depend heavily on the number of veneers you need. You might be correcting just one tooth or restoring most of your smile.

Yes, the shade of veneers is fully customized to provide just what you’re looking for. Finding a provider who understands the nuances of customization and aesthetic harmony is crucial when searching for the proper practice in Beverly Hills for veneers. Dr. Rashti will take a variety of factors into account when coloring your veneers. If you’re fixing just one tooth, that means matching the veneers to the rest of your smile. In other cases, the perfect shade of brightened white is carefully selected to provide veneers Hollywood stars could swear by.

Dental veneers are a comfortable and pain-free experience. The procedure to place veneers is minimally invasive. Local anesthesia is typically used to ensure maximum comfort throughout the process. If you have specific concerns, other sedation dentistry options can be discussed.

Veneers are often the best option for dealing with stained teeth. Your teeth can have extrinsic or intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains affect the outer layers of your teeth, which respond well to professional teeth whitening. However, inherent stains affect the inner layers and are often only possible to deal with using dental veneers.

In general, you’ll have little to no dietary restrictions when living with veneers. They stand up to biting and chewing well. However, you should avoid using your teeth for anything other than eating. Using them as a tool to open packaging or break open things could damage your veneers.

When you choose porcelain veneers, you’re going with an option that looks and feels as natural as possible. The smooth surface is very similar to natural enamel, so you won’t notice any significant change in the texture of your teeth. They are carefully designed to match your natural teeth as closely as possible.

Porcelain is a highly durable material that can stand up to most challenges. Under normal conditions, it will resist wear, cracking, and chipping very well. They can handle just about anything that your natural teeth can, so damage is typically quite rare and is usually related to serious physical accidents that would also damage natural teeth.

Yes, your veneers will be custom-made to provide an excellent match for your smile. If you have just a few teeth restored with veneers, the shade, shape, and symmetry are all customized to match your natural teeth. For a complete smile restoration, Dr. Rashti considers many elements to create a stunning, natural design.

Placing porcelain veneers does require removing a thin layer of enamel from the front of the affected tooth, typically around half a millimeter. This is a permanent change and is necessary to ensure that the veneer can fit perfectly flat against the tooth. However, this minor alteration has no impact on the strength or health of your tooth.

Depending on your specific needs and goals, there are potential veneer alternatives. You can discuss your options in full with Dr. Rashti. Simple professional tooth whitening could be enough to improve your smile, or you could find yourself needing more serious options, such as dental crowns, to ensure long-term health and function.

Each tooth restored by your treatment will have its own individual veneers, so the total number depends on how many teeth are being treated. One critical factor is how wide you naturally smile. Ideally, all front-facing visible teeth will have veneers for a flawless smile. This could mean anywhere from just a few to up to 20 teeth — 10 on the top and bottom. However, going with only top veneers is very common.

While veneers are a long-lasting option, they may become worn or damaged with time. When this happens, replacement is typically straightforward. Your dentist can remove the old porcelain veneers, and a new custom set can be prepared and applied. You’ll have a stunning, flawless smile once more.

Veneers are carefully designed to be indistinguishable from natural teeth. They cover the entire front surface, so there isn’t any kind of seam to notice, and they are made of high-quality porcelain that looks just like natural enamel, both in shade and translucency. Unless a trained dentist is examining your teeth, nobody will be the wiser about your smile restoration.

Some patients are concerned that removing a small amount of enamel to prepare for veneers will leave their teeth sensitive. However, once placed, the veneers will provide similar protection for your teeth. In fact, veneers can sometimes improve sensitivity in the long term and provide relief.

Why You Should Choose Us

When it comes to choosing a professional for your cosmetic smile care, Dr. Mahnaz Rashti is the obvious choice. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Rashti is known around the world for her personable approach and talented skill. With respect to all aspects of her practice, Dr. Rashti excels and delivers exceptional results.

Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Rashti truly cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen to their concerns and works with them to determine a plan of action that meets their expectations. Her goal is to help each patient achieve their best possible smile, and she achieves this through a combination of superior technical ability and compassionate care.

If you are looking for an office that can provide you with beautiful, long-lasting results for your porcelain veneers, then look no further than MR Dental Aesthetic. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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