Why ‘All On Four’ Implants Are Not Always The Best Option For You

As I discussed on my YouTube channel this month, we’ve been getting inquiries left and right by patients requesting “all on four” dental implants. While we all wish that a patient’s dental experience was a one-answer procedure, unfortunately the world of dentistry isn’t that simple. Similar to an infectious disease specialist, oncologist or internal medicine doctor, no problem has the exact same answer. The term “all on four” has been discussed for years by those who advertise inexpensive (yet ultra-temporary) fixes to missing teeth without the venture towards dentures. Those who don’t want dentures be wary—while this option is available for implant patients, it is never guaranteed for those who have weak bone structure. Let’s discuss.

While ‘All On Four’ implants result in a quick fix for the patient due to its nature of placing four implants and bridges to re-build a completely new mouth full of implants, not every patient is made for this. Perhaps your gums are infected and you require your bone to be replaced with stronger, new membrane? In this case, all on four is NOT your best option. This can result in failed implants and inevitable shifting due to a weak foundation, neglected by your dental professional.

Not to worry—it’s not the method of implant placement that matters most to a periodontist, but rather the sequence of steps you take to get to implant placement. For patients that have infections, abscesses or pain in their gum or bone (or even existing TMJ), do not skip to an all on four option, as it can drastically impair you down the line. Instead, consult a periodontist who works with a top-down approach to best diagnose your treatment plan, step by step. Rather, also invest in some education behind proper dental implant care, one which will help fuel you towards asking the questions some dental professionals just don’t want to admit to you. Remember, always show up smarter than the one you’re speaking with!

For questions on ‘All On Four’ dental implants, I encourage you to watch our latest YouTube video, which properly explains via patient photos what would be the best option for you and your oral health.

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