What Can a Dentist Do for TMJ? Effective Treatment Options to Consider

You probably don’t give much thought to the bone structure of your skull or jaw. But, when there’s an issue with the joint that connects the two — known as the temporomandibular joint — you can experience several symptoms and dysfunctions that characterize TMJ.

What is TMJ in Dentistry?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) describes any dysfunction of the joints that connect your skull to your jaw. If they become misaligned, everyday activities like chewing and talking can become difficult and even painful.

Misalignment can happen as a result of several incidents. Getting in a car crash can lead to the dislocation of the jaw. However, sometimes the cause is less severe. For example, grinding one’s teeth at night can lead to TMJ. Some individuals are simply born with a misaligned jaw. Symptoms of TMJ include:

  • Migraine-like headaches
  • Clicking of the jaw
  • A jaw that gets locked
  • Earaches
  • A swollen face
  • Pain or pressure behind the eyes
  • Tenderness in the jaw muscles

For many, the question is: do you need a specialist, or do dentists treat TMJ? If you’re dealing with this joint disorder, you often don’t need a TMJ dentist, meaning you can see your usual dentist. They can answer all your questions, such as “How do dentists treat TMJ pain?” and “What is TMJ?” Dentist school involves in-depth training on how the jaw functions. So, general dentists are prepared to find the underlying issue of your TMJ symptoms and design the ideal treatment plan to put you on the path to pain-free days.

What Can a Dentist Do For TMJ?

Dr. Rashti’s unique blend of skills as a general and cosmetic dentist enables her to address TMJ from various perspectives, providing nuanced, personalized treatment to every patient. As the sole dentist and owner of MR Dental Aesthetics, Dr. Rashti is the only doctor you will work with throughout your TMJ dental treatment, ensuring a fluid and discreet experience. Below are the TMJ treatment options we offer at MR Dental Aesthetics.


Teeth grinding can cause TMJ and aggravate its symptoms. If Dr. Rashti determines this to be the driving force behind your TMJ, she will likely talk to you about night guards. So, what do they do for TMJ? Night guards, also called bite guards, are custom dental appliances that prevent patients from grinding teeth or clenching their jaw at night. Nightguards can also be designed to slowly re-align the jaw over time, providing immediate pain relief and a long-term solution.

Occlusal Adjustment

Some patients have small interferences that prevent their teeth from making contact properly. Dr. Rashti can rectify this problem through minor filings of the problematic teeth and ensure your teeth come together correctly. This simple procedure takes only a few minutes and can often be done without anesthesia. 

Facial Rejuvenation

Though often associated with aesthetic benefits, facial rejuvenation has also proven highly effective in reducing symptoms of TMJ. During this procedure, the doctor injects Botox into the face and/or jaw muscles causing the dysfunction. The solution relaxes these muscles, limiting the contractions that cause pain and tension in the jaw.

Facial rejuvenation is a specialized procedure showcasing Dr. Rashti’s exceptional cosmetic and medical dentistry expertise. In consultations, numerous patients express curiosity about how a dentist can address TMJ disorders while improving their face’s aesthetic appearance. Facial rejuvenation is the answer.

Dental Implants

For many patients, having missing back teeth (known as the molars) leads to jaw misalignment and TMJ. The absence of these rear teeth puts extra strain on the temporomandibular joint during everyday mouth-related activities, which can lead to soreness. By adding dental implants, the doctor can restore your jaw’s structural stability. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

In severe cases, full mouth reconstruction might be necessary. This could involve a combination of the procedures mentioned above, as well as bone grafting, to address your TMJ from multiple angles. 

Dr. Rashti will spend your first visit providing detailed information about your condition and how her proposed treatments can relieve you. From there, you will collaborate to create a personalized plan that will improve your jaw structure’s function and aesthetics.

TMJ Relief and Solutions from MR Dental Aesthetics

You do not have to live with pain from TMJ. If you’ve been looking for a compassionate and experienced TMJ Specialist, Dr. Rashti has helped countless patients pinpoint the cause of their discomfort and administered the ideal TMJ treatment to provide long-term relief. At MR Dental Aesthetics, your comfort is paramount. Dr. Rashti specializes in treating patients with dental anxiety and will always be sure to provide you with options that ensure a pain-free and relaxed experience. 

As a dentist that specializes in TMJ, Dr. Rashti puts an emphasis on treatment that looks at the full picture. She takes her time to educate every patient on the importance of periodontal health. With periodontal disease correlating to a number of other systemic illnesses, it’s crucial to Dr. Rashti that she not only addresses your current condition but also sets you up for a lifetime of a healthy, happy, and beautiful mouth. If you’ve been wondering, “What can a dentist do for TMJ?” the answer is “A lot.” Book your consultation with Dr. Rashti today and say goodbye to TMJ pain.

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